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Collection: PYOP

Paint Your Own Pottery


How it works: You choose a project(s) from our bisque selection.  Pick a seat, your glazes and tools necessary to create your design of choice.  Brief instruction will be provided by the Studio Specialist as well as any guidance needed throughout your design process. Be sure to use the index card provided to take notes for future reference.  Once your project is complete, you will leave your project and index card with the Studio Specialist for firing.  The Studio Specialist will provide a timeline for pick up of your completed project(s). 

Cost: Each item is marked to include the price of the ceramic bisque and studio fees for one design session.  Studio fees will apply for any additional studio visits necessary to complete the design of your project.  Prices begin at $6.00 and increase. 

Special Notes

-Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

-Dress to get messy.  We do provide aprons if desired.  Glazes are washable.

-Walk-ins are welcome up to 1 hour prior to closing time.